About Us

Ambrosia is more of an Experience than a Hotel or Resort

It is an opportunity to experience classy properties that provide facilities and service of international standards, at moderate prices.

As of now, the hotel industry in India is fragmented into premium hotels and exotic resorts which are extremely expensive and so called budget hotels which are mostly un-reliable or lacking in services, and amenities and most importantly consistency. This is reflected in the sluggish growth in the number of inbound traffic.

We intend to address and fill this gap by providing moderately priced, upscale, full service resorts and hotels all over India.

Every Ambrosia property will be selected to serve as a getaway for tourists and travelers to unwind in the laps of nature and experience local ethos- food, culture, arts & crafts, and traditions. All our efforts are geared towards providing our guests with an experience that converts our guests into our best brand ambassadors, not only coming back or choosing to stay in other Ambrosia properties but by recommending us to their friends, family and colleagues.